Why should you hire a photographer who specializes in newborn photography?

1. Safety First! 

Professional newborn photographers are specially trained to ensure that your baby is treated in the safest manner. I am certified in Newborn Safety. This means that I’ve taken courses studying newborn physiology and how that impacts newborn photography. As professional newborn photographers we are trained in special techniques on how to hold your baby safely, when, where and how to pose your baby, and more importantly, how not to pose your little one. We are trained to treat babies safely and respectfully, and read baby’s cues to ensure that they are comfortable. No photo is more important than the safety of your child!
Newborn safety also extends to my studio. I am fully vaccinated to keep you, your family, and your precious little newborn safe. Everything that we use is washed before being used in another session and laundered in scent and dye-free detergent. I wash my hands before your session, and use hand sanitizer before touching your little one. If I’m sick, I’ll reschedule your session, and I make sure that my schedule isn’t packed too tightly so that I can accomodate last minute changes like this.
Nothing is more important than your child’s health and safety, which is also why I’m a member of APNPI the Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International, an organization that provides safety training and industry regulation and promotion of newborn safety.


2. They are only this little ONCE! 

Newborn photography is time sensitive, your newborn baby will only this small for the first few weeks of life, so you’re going to want to make sure you select the right photographer for the job to capture this fleeting moment in time. Treat it much the same as you would when you selected your wedding photographer. Take a look at not only their portfolio, but ask to see entire sessions so that you can see that their work is consistent and that you can count on having a selection of good images that match the style you’re looking for. You can have peace of mind knowing that I will capture at least 20 to 30 images, each one as beautiful as the next, and you have the freedom to choose the ones you wish to purchase.

3. Professional Equipment, Skills and Experience

Rather than being a jack-of-all-trades, a photographer who specializes in newborn photography has the skills and experience to ensure that your session is a success. I’ve taken newborn specific courses and participated in many online newborn workshops with industry leaders. I’m dedicated to growing professionally and artistically. I’ve invested thousands of dollars in photographic equipment and software and have an array of quality props, outfits, headbands, jewelry, baskets, furniture, floors and backdrops specific to newborn photography for you to choose from.

4. Quality Final Product

I take my time to ensure that the images I deliver to you are wall-ready pieces of art to showcase in your home or office. Once the shoot is over, the work has only just began! Each image is meticulously edited. My monitors are calibrated for the most striking, colour accurate images and I work with reputable professional photo labs who only work with professional photographers to ensure that the product I deliver is of the highest standard.



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