Just a few of the reasons why our clients choose us!

I know kids! I have 3 boys of my own, and have been an elementary school and kindergarten teacher for over 10 years. I love kids so much that I actually still teach part time for two days a week so that I can still balance my family, work and passion for photography.

When working with little ones, safety is paramount. Their physiology and musculature is different from that of older children. With newborn babies especially, special care needs to be taken and they need to be posed using certain techniques in order to keep them safe. I’m a  member of the Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International (APNPI), which means I’ve taken courses that focus on newborn safety in photography.

You can rest assured that I’m not just a mom with a camera – I’m a professional and I have the skills and experience to take wonderful portraits of your children.

Relaxed Sessions
During your session there’s no time limit and no rush, and no extra fees if your session needs to take longer. I know that kids are unpredictable. I’m patient and will take as long as it takes to “get the shot.” Not only are my sessions relaxed, but as a mom I know that it can be stressful just to get out the door at a certain time. Children’s nap schedules change and new babies take longer to get ready than we’d ever anticipate. I only book one session per day so that my entire day is available to you. Did your newborn decide to cluster feed all night and you’re late getting out the door? No problem! Did your kid all of a sudden decide that they’re going to have a party in their crib and go down for their nap 2 hours later than you planned – which coincidentally is when your session is booked for? No problem! Did your little one just start coming down with a fever? No problem! We’ll schedule for a different time! I want you and your child to be relaxed and feeling your best! When you are relaxed, it makes for a much more enjoyable session for you – and it translates to your child as well. They’re more relaxed and that’s how we get amazing images!

Rest assured that you’ll only ever pay for the images that you love! After your session I’ll provide you with a proofing gallery of your images and then you’ll decide which ones, and how many you’d like to purchase. This helps to keep costs down, and provides all families with the opportunity to afford quality photography.

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