Quality over Quantity

I believe that you’re better to have a dozen amazing images, rather than a hundred mediocre ones. Honestly, how many images can you frame and display on your wall or put in your child’s photo album? Quality photography takes time and patience, and so my sessions are designed so that we have plenty of time to relax, follow your child’s lead, and create stunning portraits for you to treasure for years to come.

Only Pay for the Images that You Love

What you decide to purchase is completely up to you. I want you to walk out the door with images that you absolutely love!

Designed to Meet Your Budget

Everyone has a different budget and we’ve designed our photography plans to match yours! The session fee covers the time to photograph your child. After your session, I’ll upload a proofing gallery from which you will select your favourite images and the package at the price point that you’re comfortable with. Rather than pay me to edit your entire gallery, by selecting the images you’d like to purchase, you’re only paying for the time to edit those chosen portraits.


Photography is an investment. I  see so many photographers use this word instead of “pricing” and I cringe every time. I know – it sounds cheesy, but there’s a bit of truth! That new outfit that you just bought – it probably won’t even be in your closet in 5 years, and the couch that you’re sitting on will be in a landfill in another 20. But, the memories and images that we create in your session will be priceless and irreplaceable. It’s not a financial return on investment, but an emotional one. One of my most cherished photographs is one of my grandmother and her young family. It’s over 50 years old – and the joy it brings and it’s value to me only increases as time goes on. Imagine the joy you’ll have sharing your child’s album with them when they’ve grown up and are having their own children!