Featured Session – Baby D

There is something so classic and timeless, and yet edgy and modern with a good black and white photograph. I can envision these images blown up on canvas and framed with a simple modern aluminum edge. Stunning! Black and white photos are a great way to create a collage and document your little one’s growth. There’s no need to worry about matching colours or creating a cohesive style, it all goes!
Sweet Baby D was the perfect model! He had just woken up from a great nap, was happy and content and ready to go! He rocked his shoot, and was so curious about everything in the world around him. We were able to capture an amazing variety of images from thoughtful, soulful shots to natural, carefree and playful. All along the way, Baby D was such a ham, posing for the camera (as well as little one-year-olds can pose) and snuggling up with mom, showing her just how much he loves her.  

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