Baby Girl Natalie 1st Birthday Cake Smash – Arthur, ON Photographer

As many of my friends will know – I am the proud mom of 3 of the most wonderful and rambunctious boys. My house is chaotic (to say the least). You’ll find races down the front hall, around the center stairs, into the great room, the kitchen, and back again. This wonderful loop was the selling feature of the house – at least, to my then 2 year old son. 🙂 My boys still have races around the front hall – only now they steal the rolly office stools and try to have races when no one’s looking. Suffice it to say, you’ll find that there isn’t much calm, or pink, going on at my place. So when I need to test out a few girly props, or get my “girl” fix, I turn to my lovely nieces. I’d been dying to try out this pink and mint theme, and it didn’t take much to convince my sister-in-law to get on board and come on over for a visit and a cake smash!

Natalie was a little hesitant at first. It probably didn’t help that she had her cousins cheering her on and trying to convince her to belly flop smash the cake! 😉 But, after we got the rabble-rousers under control and safely watching from a distance, she began to warm up and daintily ate the cake like the young lady that she is! 🙂 I love a good cake smash, and this one didn’t disappoint! Happy 1st Birthday Natalie!

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